In Portalegre, near the castle, there is a door topped by a symbol in concrete with the acronym HEAA. This is the logo of Hidro Eléctrica Alto Alentejo S.A.R.L., which explains the two letters "A", which bend to resemble high voltage poles. This was just one of several regional companies that preceded the founding of EDP, Electricidade de Portugal. The simplicity and strangeness of this graphic mark, in that context, compelled me to collect more of these symbols.

Logos Portugueses is a non-profit side project that seeks to compile graphic marks related to this country, either because they were created by national designers, or because they were developed for portuguese institutions. Particular emphasis is given to the oldest brands with a local scope, whose importance is not always recognized, and are so often forgotten by time and replaced by more homogenized identities, in line with global trends. But more contemporary logos from large companies are also included, which are often part of the portuguese collective memory. Sharing these graphic marks online makes it possible to gather more information about them, thanks to the knowledge shared by the followers.

Here are some of the entries, ordered by date of publication on the Instagram profile. Thanks to all those who contributed, directly or indirectly, to this repository, namely to the authors of the page and “O Grupo CUF – Elementos para a sua história” and the followers @a_cores, @afonsogclvs, @bebespontocomes, @brandez, @bufalosentado, @claudiaacabado, @davidcarrancadesigner, @dspessoa, @entaocalate, @escanchinas, @gbnt_lisbon, @isabelboavida, @itsruialves, @joao.backstudio, @joao.pedr.cunha, @ldn__kid, @letrasdebraga, @line_wannabe, @mariacarloscardeiro, @mariaguigas, @mr.joaobrandao, @nowmoremoist, @pasta.pessoal, @pedro.b.maia, @pedro.farelo, @q.u.e.i.r.o.s, @rafaeljtsilva, @rc._.dc, @ruipedromartins, @sir_pierres, @suburbanofluvial, @tagdinis, @theptdesign, @thumb_rider and @zebronze.

If you find an issue or wish to participate with additional information or feedback, please send a message using the address [email protected] or the profile @logosportugueses.